what is polystyrene foam!
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Generally, polystyrene contains a synthetic aromatic polymer which is made from monomer styrene. It is most times found in either its solid or foamed form. The foam aspect of the polystyrene is made of expanded polystyrene. The large polystyrene ball is used mainly in producing a wide range of consumer products. It is most times used in products that require clarity and example of such products is food packaging and laboratory wares.

The polyethylene sheet is used to make home and appliance insulation, protective packages, automobile parts and a host of others. It is produced by a building block chemical used in the manufacturing of many products. Styrene as it is is commonly seen in foods such as strawberries, cinnamon, coffee and beef.

Basically, polystyrene foams are used for household appliances and this makes them very important to man’s use. Many people hardly fix their mind in this product but most firms use it in coating some appliances that we use at home. Those people that know this product simply know it under a trade name called Styrofoam. Styrofoam is the trade name for the polystyrene foam.

Polystyrene foams are known to be blue colour coated but most of them that are used with crafts and boats are known to be white and green.

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